CDOTC offers obedience classes year round at all levels.  All classes are taught in Crimora, 7 miles north of Waynesboro, VA.

All dogs pure-bred or mixed breed, 14 weeks or older with current vaccination are eligible for classes.  Facilities include an outdoor grassy area for fair weather, an indoor heated classroom with wall to wall rubber matting, as well as the main training area which is a larger, not climate controlled former cafeteria.

Email us for most current class times and forms:

Why Train your dog?
All dogs should receive basic obedience training in order to allow owners and dogs to create the best possible relationship.
Whether your dog is a house pet or a working dog, basic obedience training is in your best interest.  Trips to the groomer, veterinarian, friends, relatives or just a walk down the street, can be an enjoyable experience for the trained dog and his or her owner.

Our Training Methods
Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club advocates the use of positive reward training methods.  We teach you how to make your dog want to behave in the appropriate manner, not punish your dog for inappropriate behavior.

Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club

Training Classes

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