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Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club

Thanks to a generous donation to our club by long time member Dot Truman, club members have an opportunity for a free seminar presented by Maggie Hayes at Love on a Leash Harrisonburg.  Maggie is know for her success in the obedience ring.  However she is also know for having a tool box of fun interactive games for building a relationship with our dogs. Therefore  I want to stress that this is not an obedience workshop but should provide participants with ideas of how to play and engage our dogs so we can enter whatever venue we choose with more confidence that we have a partner on the other end of the leash. The workshop is appropriate for pet dogs, therapy dogs, agility, field, rally, obedience, have I forgotten anyone?   

Please fill out and mail the bottom of the flyer for written commitment by October 1, 2017. 

One day seminars of this nature could cost up to $200 per person, so I am encouraging all to take advantage of this opportunity.  

Maggie's Philosophy

I believe you walk in the ring with your dog and with the relationship you share with one another and with the work.  I want my dog to be a confident, happy partner with a “put me in coach” attitude.  I focus on engagement and attitude first and then build precision and ring readiness.  Throughout my training, I strive to create a thinking dog capable of making independent and appropriate choices.  I balance the “have to” with the “want to” by wrapping my training all up in play and games so my dogs don’t really know the difference between the two. 
I work with the dog I have in front of me rather than being committed to a particular method.  I believe we must give to our dogs what we expect back from them…respect, focus, energy, patience and FUN!  Dogs are amazing creatures with so much to teach us when we open our hearts and listen.

Questions? seminar@commonwealthdogtraining.com

Maggie Hayes

Focus, Foundations & Fun!!!

Location:  Love on a Leash
3225 Harpine Hwy, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

In Memory of Dottie Truman

Saturday 11/11/2017 (9am - 5pm)