W e l c o m e    t o    C D O T C!

November 23th, 2019 ~ 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
CDOTC training room Crimora Community Center
New Hope-Crimora Road, Crimora, VA 24431

All working spots have been filled.  Auditing spots are available.

Rosie has been teaching dog training classes and giving private instruction since 1985 in and around Blacksburg, VA. She started in tracking in 1997 and got involved in Nosework and Scent Work in Spring 2015. She has trained four dogs in Nosework, although the first one passed away before she could compete. Rosie’s current dogs are Brass, Peak and Willie.

Brass has his Nosework 3 title and is working toward NW3 elite.  He is competing in Excellent Exteriors, Advance Interiors, Advanced Containers and Novice Buried.
Peak is competing at the NW3 level and has her SWN title and SAC title.
Willie is ready for NW1 having passed his ORT in all three odors on first try. Will Is competing in Advanced Containers and Novice Interiors, exteriors and buried.

Rosie believes that both Nosework and Tracking make for very happy dogs.

This seminar is for people who are interested in learning about Nosework or have just started in this sport. We will be working in a community center that used to be an elementary school and in the surrounding park. Auditing is encouraged. Working teams should be prepared to work your dogs and HAVE FUN!

WHAT TO BRING:  You, your dog, a harness and leash that is at least six feet long (longer may work better), training treats, a chair and crate and a notebook and pen. There is limited crating room, so additional dogs are discouraged, but we will try to be flexible!  The building is not climate controlled – so dress appropriately. Questions? E:mail noseworkseminar@commonwealthdogtraining.com or call 540 849-5447.

COST:  Working spots: $50. Spots limited to 12 working teams. Auditors: $25.00. Payable to CDOTC, and mail to: Laura Thurman, 715 Norfolk Ave., Staunton, VA 24401.

Drinks, snacks and lunch (soups and sandwiches) included.


Address: ______________________________________Email:_____________________________                  

City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________             

Name of Dog: _______________________Breed: _______________________Age of Dog ______

Titles ______________________________________Previous Experience in Nosework ____________


The undersigned understands that by enrolling in this Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club class, he / she is assuming liability for any property damage which might result from his/ her participation in this class and that neither Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club, an instructor, or the host party will be responsible for any loss or injury which might occur as a result of the undersigned’s participation in this class.

No females in season allowed at this seminar. A refund will be given to any participant whose female comes into season after registering for the seminar. One has the option to audit the seminar without their dog and pay the audit fee. To receive a refund, the owner must provide documentation from a licensed veterinarian.

Signed: _______________________________________________________________________



Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club