2016 CGC Teams


The Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club will sponsor a Canine Good Citizen Test later this year again.

The cost for this test is $10 per team.

We are also hosting "practice" sessions for the CGC before the actual test.

The cost of the practice session is $10 for non-club members and free for members.

If you are interested in either of these, please contact Laura Thurman: 540-849-5447 or laurayoung1959@yahoo.com

To find out what the requirements are - go to:
Canine Good Citizen - American Kennel Club

Laura Romanik returns 8/11 & 8/12/18.

Laura loves obedience training and the relationship and teamwork that it helps her to develop with
her dogs. Her training methods are built on scientifically recognized behavioral principals that
heavily emphasize positive reinforcement. Laura excels at teaching reliable responses to commands,
while motivating dogs to understand and enjoy the training process.  Download flyer and attendance application here.


Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club

W e l c o m e   t o   C D O T C!

Pets in the Park 2015 - Thank you for your contributions to sell for a donation to the SPCA!

Crimora Community Center, 1648 New Hope Road, Crimora, VA 24431

Past Events
Brobst Rally Seminar 10/14/17 - focus on new signs

Stewarding for Old Dominion Kennel Club Trial 10/1/17

2017 Obedience Seminar with Laura Romanik: September 9 & 10 at Love on a Leash

Vet-Chat with Dr. Valerie Weiss 8/13/17

Stewarding for Skyline KC Show (6/10+11/17)

Waynesboro Petpawlooza (5/14/17) - annual event with loads of fun! *** we'll be back :)
Pet CPR & First Aid w/ Karen Clark (PetTech Instructor) 4/8/17 - how to help your pet in a medical emergency

Tracking Day w/ Kipp Whelan 3/18/17 - one-day introduction
Avidog Seminar (2/25+26/2017) - all about puppies
Presentation on Obedience Rules by Renee Hoover was 1/8/17 and a great success. *** Repeat possible. TBA 

Rally Seminar w/ the Brobsts - repeated by popular demand already and again this fall!

Canine Strength & Fitness Training Workshop with Dr. Kathryn Dobyns: 2/13/2016 & 10/22/2016
Woodturning - 3/13/16 Members created their own dumbbell with the local wood turner group.