All dogs pure-bred or mixed breed, 14 weeks or older with current vaccinations are eligible for classes.

The current schedules are available on this Word doc calendar  HERE  or this PDF calendar  HERE

* Member Benefit *
Half price on all classes and training sessions.

Registration Form

To register for a class please complete our Class Registration form and have your vet complete our Health Certificate.

Current vaccinations required for all classes! A guardian of a minor should be present during class. Non-members and guests should contact our Training Director (Laura) before joining any open session like Tuesday mornings and keep their dog(s) on leash during training.
Please bring the forms to the first class or send both to:
                                  P.O. Box 973
                                  Waynesboro, VA 22980

The descriptions below are for reference only and may not be currently available.
Puppy Class with Carol Smith:
Saturdays, running for 6 weeks - sessions by appointment. Please email
This class is for puppies between 14 weeks and 10 months of age. Cost for Non member $60.
Owners will discuss housebreaking, good puppy manners, and building a relationship with the puppy. Instruction will be provided on basic commands (sit, come, down, stay), as well as walking on a leash without pulling, tricks and puppy play.

Beginner Class with Laura Thurman
Tuesdays, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, running for 7 weeks.
First week of Beginner Class is WITHOUT dogs!
Cost for Non members is $60 or $10 per session, $30 for members ($5/session).
This class will provide instruction on basic commands: sit, come, stay, down. Walking on a loose leash and tricks. The emphasis will be on helping the dog become a good family member.

Further Training:
If you have completed a basic obedience class you may attend any of the following training sessions.
Non member fee is $10.00; member fee is $5.00 for instructor session, free without formal instructor.

Tuesday Morning Group Time & Classes
Please double check with
Carol or the CDOTC group email list if you're a member if you want to verify training is ON or Cancelled due to weather for a particular Tuesday.

Competition Obedience Class
with Linda

The Competition Obedience Class will be held on Thursday evening, 7-8pm in the Cafeteria at Crimora.  The class will run for 8 weeks for one hour.  Cost is $40 for members, $80 for non-members.

Emphasis on heeling, polishing all novice exercises, training open exercises, and teaching your dog to work at a distance are a couple examples of what you can expect. 
Please email Linda if you are interested to help plan:

Rally Course Practicewith Jane, Christine and Karen

*** to be updated - Novice focused classes planed for Fall 2017 - if you're interested, please email Jane or Karen!

A course will be set with mainly advanced signs. A participant can run the course in part or in whole. This is a “co-op” in that the emphasis is on other participants and observers offering critiques of each run. We're planning on having these sessions on Fridays, 9am - 10:30. The number of participants is limited, but anyone could audit. Please email Karen ( if you care to join, or if you  have any questions.

Skill Sessions (Fee: $10 Non-Member; $5 Member)

We're planning on having various sets of focused training in the future again. Please email Laura what you would be interested in -

This will be geared toward beginning retrievers and how to teach the retrieve, so if you don't have a retrieve yet, this is for you! 
If you have a retrieve, but you are not happy with it, or it isn't reliable, we will also address those issues. 
Depending on the makeup of the class, we will try to also cover some additional advanced retrieving topics, but if not we can plan for another mini session once I have an idea of the needs.
Not only will you learn a variety of tricks themselves, but also freeshaping, or using a clicker.
Most of the time we're setting up a course including different levels. During the walk through we'll talk about each sign.


This evening is to get you and your dog ready to pass the CGC evaluation.

An introduction to therapy dog work and preparation to take the test.

K9 Fitness

Set up of various stations to work on conditioning your dog.
Group Practice Time ($5/free)
Anyone is welcome to come and work with their dogs independently.

W e l c o m e    t o    C D O T C!

Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club